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  1. Angel Elliott

    My ancestors came from this area. I have managed to go back to 1640 ish. I would love to know where they came from. They just appeared in this area. My maternal family name is CROCKETT. From the Veddr they moved to Newchurch, then Shirenewton and surrounding areas. Some moved to Caldicot, some to Cardiff. My line ended up in Bristol some time after WW1.

  2. Angela

    My ancestors came from the Veddw. They appeared around 1640. Jonathan Crockett is the earliest ancestor I have managed to find. They started there then moved to Newchurch East, where there were several Crockett’s. My great grandfather was born in Shirenewton. From there he moved to Carleton, Caldicot. My grandparents move to Bristol before world war two.
    I would love to find out where they came from prior to 1640.

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