Welcome to my website. I am a medieval historian based in Wales with close links to a number of heritage and community organisations.


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The pilgrim game

When I was an undergraduate, way back when, we played board games like Risk, sometimes all night. We still have the odd game of Monopoly at Christmas, but I hadn’t realised that board... READ MORE

Limericks and haiku

The limericks from the wedding competition rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(1) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(2) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(3) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(5) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(6) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(7) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(8) rhyt_22-08-2016_13-14-34_MFDNPT1(9) READ MORE